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Here at Texas Cannabis Today, we want to give Texas businesses an opportunity to showcase their business alongside other local products, services, shops, and brands. As Texans, show the world what Texas is doing along while taking care of those who live in the Lone Star State.


Texas Cannabis Today is a cannabis lifestyle website that celebrates the best of hemp and cannabis in Texas. We feature education, community news, and products with our audience. To learn more about us, Click here to read more. Our vision in collaboration with you is to share what you know about cannabis and hemp with Texas. We will feature you on our social media and promote your content to the world. If that sounds like something you’d like to do, fill out the form below. For details regarding the collaboration, check out the links here.


Please know that we care deeply about our audience and do our best to share accurate information beautifully. Our goal is to share education, news, and events with the public to bring together and advance the Texas cannabis and hemp community.


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We are a network of those who love cannabis and hemp products. Every day we learn more about what this special plant can do to promote a better future for our neighbors and the planet. If you have any questions, contact us and request our media kit at