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Our message regarding our brand affiliate association.

Disclosure: We are a professional news, review, directory, and event site that may receive either compensation or free product from the companies whose products we review. Those reviews will be disclosed.

There are also items that Texas Cannabis Today reviews that are purchased independently and therefore are not sponsored which will also be disclosed.

We test each product thoroughly and give honest feedback on what we think of the product. Our Texas Cannabis Today business license is under Poppy Digital, LLC, from the state of Texas.

Texas Cannabis Today’s objective is to provide education, awareness, and social interaction in a fun environment around the hemp and cannabis plant in Texas. Our readers’ time is respected and valuable. We aim to be a voice of authority in the cannabis space by providing the best information within our ability to do so.

Our number one priority is our readers and their trust. Therefore we only provide honest feedback regarding what we publish. This also includes posting educational content to the best of our abilities with the latest information possible and context within the story.

Texas Cannabis Today is founded and ran by Grace Delgado, co-founder of Poppi Digital, LLC, Texas Night Trip, She Lives Weed and Astrid Green.

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