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Celestial Spa - Houston Texas, Cannabis Spa

CBD Skincare – A Houston’s Cannabis Concept Spa

Cannabidiol (CBD) is quickly breaching into skincare and as the whole world is starting to see it gain popularity as science reveals the benefits of CBD skincare, people are getting innovative and putting it into practice. I discovered Elestial Spa initially through Instagram while hunting for cool CBD brands to visit in Houston. After chatting for a few months, I made the opportunity to drop by while on a trip visiting family. My Texas canna family, let me introduce you to the Houston-based CBD skincare expert and founder of Elestial Spa, Helen Ruiz.

Grace Skincare cbd Hellen of Houston

Helen started in the skincare industry back in 2007 after obtaining her international certificate in esthetics and massage. She has extensive knowledge and training in waxing, specialized facials as well as lash artistry. After she gained a few years of experience in Houston, she decided to move to Austin, Texas but quickly moved back to Houston to be closer to her family.

She first found her love for cannabis skincare when she was offered a CBD infused chapstick by a friend. After experiencing those benefits, she delved deeper into what uses cannabis can be used on the skin. And the more she learned, she became fired up to practice this as an esthetician.

The Pineapple Express Facial

When I went to meet Helen, I expected to chat over coffee, take photos of the shop, and get to know her and her unique business. Well, I was in for a treat. After meeting and chatting with her for a few minutes, she invited me to enjoy a quick Pineapple Express facial. This 30-minute treatment was the perfect quick pick me up from a long day of traveling. Her Pineapple Express facial is infused with specific strain terpenes to uplift your mood and overall look! And I felt heavenly once completed. I took a random shot of my face and sent it to my group chat to humblebrag about how great my skin felt.

Houston and Austin CBD Spa Treatments

Helen is not just hanging out in Houston with her goodness. She will also practice in Austin starting in January of 2020 due to the growing CBD skincare market. And since she has family ties to the city, it’s a perfect plan! But if you want to book her for a facial treatment, be sure to contact her to book your experience. Spots are limited to 10 per weekend. So follow her on Instagram to stay updated with her availability.

It’s worth it.

Here’s the Q&A, where she talks about Texas, the CBD industry and her advice for anyone interested in the CBD skincare industry, and so much more.

Texas, Meet Helen Ruiz – CBD Skincare Expert, and Founder of Elestial Spa

Where are you initially from, and what is your background?

I am from Houston, born and raised. Straight after graduating high school, I went into esthetician school and, in 2007, obtained my international certificate in esthetics and massage.

Do you have a favorite cannabis beauty product? Why do you enjoy using it?

My favorite cannabis product would have to be a CBD sheet mask. Instantly redness decreases, fine lines plumed, and skin very hydrated.

Whether you are directly tied to the cannabis industry or not, did you start with a business/plan, or did you wing it?

Wing it! I Have a lot of visions of where I want to take my spa, but I take it one day at a time. As companies grow, my business grows, CBD is still very new in Texas!

What sparked your desire for the cannabis industry?

Understanding the healing benefits of CBD and wanting to incorporate it into skincare.

What is it like working in the Texas cannabis industry? And how do you feel working in this space?

Texas is so behind in cannabis. As Texans, we have to keep learning and evolving to catch up. I feel like legal states don’t take us too seriously in our approach to CBD because they are so ahead of the game.

What was your family’s reaction to you being in cannabis?

My family is very supportive. They are proud that their daughter is a pioneer and veering a new path and a new approach to skincare with cannabis.

What are your recommended sources for people to learn more about cannabis? Why do you recommend them?

Leafly; and Color Up Therapeutics.

If a kid walked up to ask for your advice and you only had a few minutes to give ’em your best tip, what would it be?

CBD Is not “weed” it comes from the hemp plant, it will not alter your thinking, but it will relax you, and you’ll be able to focus better. And that CBD alleviates any inflammatory conditions, from acne to muscle pain!

A Small Business Thank-You

Wherever you are in Houston or merely curious about what is happening in the CBD world in Texas, thank you for reading (hopefully!) sharing this article. By doing so, you are supporting small businesses, like Elestial Spa. It’s people like you that will bring the use of CBD and cannabis into the mainstream while helping individuals take care of their community through quality information and products.

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