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3 Austin Ice Cream CBD Treats YOU NEED in Your Life

Update: MaryJaes Icecream was a limited special. You can still find Restart CBD and Prohibition Creamery CBD icecream where mentioned in this article.

If you’re looking for ways to cool down as summer comes to a close in Austin, then I’m sure consuming a cold treat has come to mind. Why not ice cream as you endure the close of seasonal 100-degree weather? Well, while other people would have to inquire with Siri, you don’t have to look further because I found three ice cream shops in Austin, Texas that include CBD options on its menu to keep you chill and be chilled.

Lick Ice Cream + Restart CBD = Cashew Brownie Dough

Restart CBD and Lick Honest Ice Cream premiered its Cashew Brownie Dough CBD ice cream with on National CBD Day, and it is amazing. This chill treat is vegan, gluten-free, and absolutely creamy delightful. Oh! And the CBD. Re-start’s Instagram states that each scoop contains 7.5g of Re-Start CBD Isolate and each pint 25g of Re-Start CBD Isolate.

On National CBD Day, I scooped up this desert in San Antonio, Texas. Luckily, it’s available in Austin until supplies last so go pick it up! Learn more about the faces behind Restart here from @CannaVybe.

Sweet Ritual + Shop MaryJae

Sweet Ritual and Mary Jae are the beautiful geniuses behind The Greenbelt CBD ice

cream. This crunchy Austin snack has a sunflower seed base with coconut “bacun” and is covered with vegan honeycomb and gluten-free pretzel pieces. I expected it to be “iceish?” like other vegan ice creams I have had but Sweet Ritual nailed the creamy texture in the recipe. It was the perfect relief from my 102-degree afternoon on 4631 Airport Blvd Austin, Texas. Each scoop contains 5 mg of CBD and full of the perfect mix of goodies.

This is definitely a MUST for whenever you are in the mood for ice cream. Plus, the contrast between the green cream and the blue cone (pick is also a choice!) is so Rock and Roll it will melt away any worries while you sing into it your favorite emo song from the ’00s. Oh, just me?

It is worth mentioning that this artisanal premium vegan ice cream shop is wonderful at accommodating dietary needs. Sweet Ritual offers ice cream for everybody with dairy-free ice cream options for a wide variety of alternative lifestyle desserts. For all of y’all who might be vegan, a foodie, have food allergies or follow Keto or Paleo, options are available here!

PS: Did you know that Shop Mary Jae is a rotating stop on the Austin Hemp Tour? Check out ticket availability for a tour of Austin’s cannabis businesses.

Prohibition Creamery + Soul Addict: Afternoon Delight

Known for his boozy ice cream, Prohibition Ice Cream has been serving up Austin’s CBD “Afternoon Delight” since February 2019. This heavenly red velvet flavor ice cream is loaded with swirls of cream cheese frosting, and infused with CBD from North Carolina’s Soul Addict. The frozen sweet is available on Prohibition’s menu all year round. The shop carries an array of boozy ice cream so take a look around as you explore this beautiful parlor on E 7th St in Austin, Texas.

Cool fact: Prohibition Creamery is also a rotating stop on the Austin Hemp Tour! Another amazing reason to check everyone mentioned out!

There you have it. Three awesome ice cream shops in Austin that serve amazing chill treats that include CBD in the mix. As CBD grows more popular in cookies, ice creams, and other treats, if you have questions about the CBD used, ask for the certificate of analysis (COA). Any reputable brand will have that information available for you to view on the spot or lookup.

Check out how to read a guide on how to read a COA here!

Cannabis is Going Mainstream in Austin Businesses 

The cannabis business expanding into all industries especially
edibles. As the popularity increases, it’s important for brands to be transparent of what is included in their products and their CBD. Maybe some patrons care, while others don’t, but it’s integral to continue the trend of consumer education as the excitement of cannabis in Texas grows. So set a positive example of ethical cannabis industry standards for the future.

Besides, a quick scroll through Instagram will reflect that the world is already inspired by cannabis and that will momentum will continue in the coming years.

As always, even if you’re not in the Austin area (or don’t like ice cream) check out the above links and follow these wonderful brands on social media.

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