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4 Ways to Find CBD Rich Strains

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a highly sought after property in cannabis due to its ability to deliver its consumers relief from everyday ailments without the psychoactive high of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).

As its popularity increases, more consumers are looking to learn how to find CBD rich strains to grow and/or consume.

Therefore, when shopping around for a CBD rich strain, knowing how to search for the highest level of CBD within the plant is a valuable tool to make an informed decision when being presented with a variety of hemp strain options from an establishment or a dispensary. 

Whether the intention is to plant a crop to yield high CBD hemp or walk into a dispensary and feel confident in understanding the intricacies of the information provided, here are four tips to find the perfect CBD rich strains for you. 

Online Research: Become Familiar with What Information is Available About CBD Rich Strains

Although it can be confusing at first, looking at resources like Leafly can help you become familiar with what CBD rich strains are available.

For example, researching Frosted Lime will provide information regarding that specific CBD rich strain and information of what to expect if found in a dispensary.  

This is just one resource available to help the consumer discover information and evaluate the product.

The information you can review will range from the terpene profile to a description of the colors of the hemp. However, the vital skill you will need to authenticate a CBD rich strain is being able to read and understand the certificate of analysis (COA). 

The COA: The COA will Show You the Itemized Cannabidiol Profile within the Hemp Strain

The COA services three main purposes, to verify the potency of the product, display the cannabinoid profile, and to authenticate that the hemp has been lab-tested to verify what is actually inside each particular hemp strain.

On most lab reports, the THC and the CBD content is usually prominently displayed at the top of the lab report in a larger font. This shows the consumer the levels of CBD and THC within the product in order for the customer to feel confident in what they are buying. 

These reports will not only give you the breakdown of the two popular properties but display a comprehensive cannabinoid profile which includes other cannabinoids within the plant.

How to Find the Potency: Compare the Tested Cannabinoid to the Concentration on the COA

CBD lab test displays vary. However, if the target information you are looking to find is the richest CBD strain, you should be comparing the CBD cannabinoid to the concentration. 

When comparing these two columns, you will recognize how much of the cannabinoid is in the product compared to the concentration, which will provide the mg/g of CBD within the strain.  

Any reputable brand will have its COA available to the customer to view. More so, in states where THC is under strict regulation, some establishments will provide their customers with a physical copy in the bag when they purchase hemp flower in order to assist the customer if they are stopped by law enforcement with their product in the car.

Other CBD type products will include a QR code that, once scanned, will populate COA information on a mobile device for easy view.

Again, the COA is not only important for companies to stay transparent with their consumers, but for the customer to leave assured of the quality and potency of their hemp strain product.

Establishments want their consumers to leave with the best strain that meets their needs, which could be the richest CBD strain available at that location depending on the desired medical effect. 

Research Your Source: It is Okay to Like Where You Buy 

Do you trust this establishment? Does the dispensary know where the hemp strain came from?

These are two relevant questions to ask yourself when obtaining any CBD product.

In some cases, the associate can inform you where the hemp was sourced and provide direction about the strain. Once they provide you with information, ask about the COA and view to see how rich the CBD strain is based on the documentation provided. 

Continue Testing and Searching for what Works for You

Nevertheless, If the selection at the dispensary does not fit your needs, it is okay to continue shopping around for another dispensary until you find one that fits your requirements. 

If you are a novice to the CBD realm, the amount of information available can be daunting. But taking a look at the breakdown of the COA will lead you to find the richest CBD strain available to you at your location.

New information is discovered daily to expand not only expand the knowledge about CBD and THC but about the hemp plant itself and what it offers society across all industries.

And as always, check out the above links and dig deeper as you continue learning about CBD and hemp flower.

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