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The Sanja Ganja Show (Fur Babies and More)

After a few months of following, liking, and sharing Instagram content, I found myself standing outside of a friend yet a stranger’s door. I was nervous. Meeting strangers from the internet isn’t a new thing for me, but this was different: we are recording content for The Sanja Ganja Show. 


It was too late to run

I’ve promoted her show and business all over my social media for a few months but I couldn’t help but wonder… what if I wasn’t who she expected? I don’t show my face on social media often. Now here I am RECORDING a YOUTUBE video with a stranger-friend! What if we didn’t vibe? 

It was too late to turn back after I knocked on the door. Instantly,  I heard dogs (and rightfully so) defend their home turf.

“Do you like dogs?” a familiar face said popping her head out from behind the door while holding back two fur babies. “Yeah! Yes, I do.”  

Spoiler: WE VIBED

I walked in, and all of my overthinking faded away(jk, I have anxiety, vodka helped the rest of it). Yep, I was definitely overreacting; there was nothing to be worried about.

Cannabis, marketing, business practices, and (funny enough!) our birthdays are actually a few days a part of each other. We talked about the season one of The Sanja Ganja Show, her vision of the future, and all sorts of conspiracy theory things. It was relieving to see this person who I have admired from afar be super chill and relatable.

Sanja later introduced me to part of her team from the Green Lab Group and I even had the opportunity to meet a few of her family members. It was such a warm welcoming experience.

Our YouTube Collab

Now, this isn’t about me, but If you want to see us in action, check out our YouTube video HERE that we recorded together. Also, don’t forget to check out her blog under “hot takes” exclusively at The GreenLab Group website if you want to hear more about her expertise in the cannabis industry. 

If this is your first time getting to know her, I HIGHLY recommend you check out her Instagram page. My words can’t do justice for everything she has already contributed and is currently offering the cannabis community across the United States.

Now let’s hear from personality behind The Sanja Ganja Show!

Where are you initially from, and what is your background?

I began my cannabis career in Denver, Colorado, at the age ripe age of 17.

Whether you are directly tied to the cannabis industry or not, did you start with a business/plan, or did you wing it?

Funny enough, I accidentally stumbled upon a receptionist job at a medical dispensary in 2008. I then worked my way up with plans to make my mark in cannabis.

At the time I wasn’t sure what that was until I started working with cancer patients and children that were dying. From that point forward I knew I had to use my voice to educate the masses.

What sparked your desire for the cannabis industry?

Losing patients drove me to work harder to end the stigma. Then it happened to me, and I suffered from a small stroke and discovered my issues were from lupus. The only thing that made my symptoms go away or let me live a healthy life was THC and CBD. By using cannabis,

I am lupus free. Lupus ran in my family and took away a cousin and a grandmother of mine, I was determined to not let it happen. To me!

What is it like working in the Texas cannabis industry? 

I am so in love with texas and the community! Texas cannabis culture has been welcoming and supportive of the Sanja Ganja show!

I only hope my expertise can eventually aide in the legalization repaying all the fantastic support I have received thus far! Texas has revived energy in me that I forgot I had!

What was your family’s reaction to you being in cannabis?

They have supported me since I was young. I always had health issues, and we didn’t have answers. They knew joints helped me through, and as long as I had straight A’s they were okay with it. My parents are my biggest fans!

What is your favorite cannabis product, and why do you enjoy using it?

I live by my THC salves! I use 315 Relief Pain salves & Mary’s medicinal patches! They come in handy for all aches, and it’s so convenient. I have been using them for over 5 years! It helps when I need to focus on work or even traveling!

The Green Lab has educational blogs, posts, videos, and more! Subscribing to their channels is a great way to stay up to date with trends and hot topics in cannabis and hemp!

Who do you admire in the cannabis space?

I have always really loved Montell Jordan for speaking up when it wasn’t fashionable to be out about weed! I have seen him at conferences, and his speeches are inspiring. He has really helped our community, and I admire that!

If a kid walked up to ask for your advice and you only had a few minutes to give ’em your best tip, what would it be?

Never give up on yourself, no matter how many times you fail, or people bring you down. It will happen, but be ready. Be conscious and always keep your mind healthy, so you are still at your best.

For fun, do you have any companies and or people you look up to? 

Merry Jane’s network is changing the entire game! I really look up to what they are doing, and I really hope one day to take the show that far! Reaching more people is the way to do it, so I genuinely love what they are doing!

The Sanja Ganja show is airing on YouTube, Weedtube, High Times Tv & is available on iTunes and Spotify every other Friday. 

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