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Nervous To Try CBD?

Part One of Three

Meet Anna. A 20 something, local Texan, with the heart to the size of the state she resides. She also loves all things dogs, cats, and learning about everything and anything. A few weeks ago she told me that she was looking into trying CBD for the first time. After many conversations, I inquired if she would be willing to share her experience with CBD in hopes that it will help someone else out there who is trying to read more about the topic.

She agreed with a large smile on her face. I then asked, what made her so curious about CBD.

“I first saw these CBD stores popping around town and I was told it’s an alternative to other forms of medicine for my anxiety. I try to live my life a natural way of living and CBD was definitely something I never really considered for my social anxiety and depression. I also wanted something to calm my nerves before work. I mean, you can’t drink wine before work, i mean you can, but I didn’t want to start that habit. lol”

I next wanted to know, what her next steps were in the process? Did she have any insight for another person in her boat? I inquired if she could summarize any tips for people who were in her position and what they should do if they are wanting to try out CBD for the first time. She advised the following:

Research the product and stores in the area
Reach out to others who’ve tried CBD and ask about their experience
Be willing to take the step and try it out.
Nervous to Buy CBD

Anna suggested that researching the products that you’re interested in buying gives you confidence that you’re doing to learn what product fits you and not leave feeling like you were “sold” a product. She also believes that reaching out to others to inquire about their experience was vital to her journey to get to the step of consuming the product.

Due to being cautious about what she consumes, she wanted to know that other people have had a good experience and it wouldn’t hurt her body in any way. In this case, she asked her sister and she was more than willing to walk her through the process (me!). And of course, she was at the point in her life where she wanted to make a change and try out an alternative to wine after a hard day at work once she completed a workout.

Where to buy CBD

There are multiple shops popping up around Texas and probably your local area, too. And I also have great posts on my blog for locations in Texas!

If you’re interested in trying CBD, Anna has great advice to follow and I encourage you to start by looking at the shop’s website and browsing the products. Look up the brand you’d like and see what it represents.

Try It Out

The next step is to try it. Have a friend join you and go to the shop or farmers’ market table and ask questions. In my experience, people who love the use of CBD will always be willing to share their knowledge and help find what best fits your lifestyle.

Anna decided to take advantage of a 420 deal at a local shop. She bought two 300mg “hemp bomb” oils, one for her and another for her boyfriend. She was going to see him again on Monday night and wanted to share that experience with him because of the pain he has after workouts.

want to learn more? check out part two here to find out more about her story.

Stay high on curiosity my friends.

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