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CBD Story: How Much CBD do I Take?

Part Two of Three

Monday night Anna comes over to my place to talk about her day. We then discussed if she had taken the CBD she bought during an April, 20th sale. She had not. She then expressed she wasn’t sure what to expect and that she wanted to wait until her boyfriend had his so they could take it together. “How much do I take…”

According to most experts I’ve spoken with over the past few months, it’s about finding what best works for you. After much experimentation, I always offer the below advise:

Start with a small dosage
You can always add more

CBD isn’t about what you “feel” when it works, but what you don’t feel anymore.

I always approach this subject with compassion because I never want to others to feel pressured into trying CBD or take more than needed. Again, my advice is to consume a little bit, a ¼ of a dropper, and work your way up from there. There is no need to rush, take it one drop at a time. You’ll hit your sweet spot in due time. Once you get used to it at night, you might find CBD works best after work, before work, during lunch, or in other ways that best fit your lifestyle which ultimately will reduce your anxiety. I’m already excited for you.

Want to hear about Anna’s first experience with the CBD? Tomorrow she’ll tell us if it actually worked or if it wasn’t what she was expecting.

Did she like the taste? How much did she take? Check out part three.

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