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CBD, Drinking, and Social Anxiety

I love being around people at events. The music, sights, it all can be the best distraction after a long week. But over the past few years, I’ve found myself drinking more and consuming lavish amounts of alcoholic beverages during the event which caused unpleasant but predictable outcomes.


I’m anxious as a person in general, but I’ve had times where I’ve wanted to enjoy the event so badly that I was willing to jump to the chase to avoid getting caught up in my head about my life compared to everyone else around me. This never ended well.

Over the past five months, CBD oil has helped me work through what triggers me to over drink, eat, consume, due to suppressed anxiety.

From feeling like a failure, but achieving the “okay” guilt and still not being happy due to lukewarm choices I made that weren’t bringing me into where I wanted to be in life.

And, sadly, this emotion tended, more often than not as the years went by, to rear its ugly head while out in public trying to have a grand ol’ time. But then I started taking CBD. I found a tool to work through my issues and give me back control and allow myself to take more responsibility for my actions.

CBD is a Tool

My life isn’t perfect, but CBD has become a tool I use in life to help combat different struggles and get back to focusing on enjoying and achieving what I want in life.

Through the use of this product, I don’t need to rely heavily on a substance to intoxicate me in order to get me to a point to be comfortable. Instead, I now see my lack of social skills (thanks homeschooling!) as an obstacle and focus on that instead of worrying about getting too drunk.

This is one of the major reasons I’m passionate about CBD products and am drawn to tell my story and help educate others using an alternate option.

Hello, Texas

My name is Grace. I hung out at Eeyore’s birthday party this weekend and enjoyed every second of it. I can’t wait to share more of what I know about this plant and help educate those who are looking for an alternative to ease the pressure of living life and achieve what you want to build.

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