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Collaboration FAQ


Texas Cannabis Today is a cannabis lifestyle website that celebrates the best of hemp and cannabis in Texas. We feature education, community news, and products with our audience. To learn more about us, Click here to read more.

Our vision in collaboration with you is to share what you know about cannabis and hemp with Texas. We will feature you on our social media and promote your content to the audience! If that sounds like something you’d like to do, fill out the form below!

  • Listed as a contributor at Texas Cannabis Today
  • We will display your photo, bio, with links to your contribution, business, and social media.
  • A shout out on social media directing them to your social media and what you do
  • Promotion in stories with tags
  • Publicity in Linkedin and other social media outlets
  • Contact us for publication benefits

Content Guidelines can be found here.


Texas Cannabis Today is a blend of the digital and physical. As of this moment, please contact Grace to learn more.

Texas Cannabis Today is a blend of the digital and physical. As of this moment, please contact Grace to learn more.

  • A cannabis/hemp educational focused post
  • Proper grammar and spelling
  • It may be subject to revisions to create the best content for our audience.
  • If you’d like to contribute, but don’t think you have the skills to create the content’s visuals, don’t worry! I am here to help and bring that to life if needed.
  • I will be sending you examples or a slide deck providing directions on how it should look to give you an idea for the copy and design.
  • A short and easy end slide telling the audience about you and your work. 

Once your request is received and approved, we will have a discussion based on our content calendar. We would like to have the content the day before our agreed scheduled time. Your information will be live on our website the night before and available for you to make adjustments as needed. 

Yes! We want to share our information with Texas!

Yes! Just tag us so we can like, comment, and support you!

On all our social media! Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter! If you’re submitting a blog post, it will be on our website with directions to check out you, your services, and your website.


Yes! Check out us HERE to add a free event to our website. If it’s a paid event, please contact us.

DM and tag us! We love sharing events that are available to the public!

It will depend on the nature of your event to approve it for the feed. Those details we can discuss via email. Once approved, we will need your content two weeks before the event. Your event will be promoted on the feed the week before the event based on our content calendar. From there, we will share it on stories and social media.

Note: Your event may be subject to customized cover art and additional slides to give the audience to maximize the amount of information. You will also have a link in our bio until the following day after the event. 


Once we complete the recording, we will release the public in the following two weeks. We will promote the podcast across our social media networks.

You will be on our website with a photo, bio, and links to your business.

Your podcast will be the subject. We will contact you for clarification on matters. If you have any links or social media, you’d like to share with the audience, that too will be linked into your bio so people can find you with ease!


We are! Please email me at and we will get back to you!


For full blog post requirements, please check it out here.