Amplifying Cannabis Education and Voices in Texas

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Austin can DECRIMINALIZE MARIJUANA this November!

We need 25,000 signatures by July 20 so Austin can DECRIMINALIZE MARIJUANA this November! 

We will also ban a dangerous police tactic, “no knock” warrants. Please help us reach our goal by signing the petition and spreading the word!

Are you a registered Austin Voter? Please sign this important petition!

1.) Download the petition PDF.

2.) Sign the petition.

3.) Mail in the petition to Ground Game Texas, P.O. Box 310, Austin, TX 78767. (Must arrive no later than 7/20/21)

4.) Share the petition with your other Austin friends! (You can collect multiple signatures using this document)

Do you have time to do more?

How to plug in as a volunteer:

1) Clipboard delivery. Ground Game will bring a clipboard with petition pages and supporting materials to you! Just text Adam at 512-270-1338 or email to make arrangements.

2) Come to the officeSign up for one of the appointments for a volunteer training — to grab materials, get any background info you need, hear about good petition spots, and more.

The coalition is hosting a party on July 14 from 6-9pm at the Spider House, featuring local artists Molly Burch, Mobley, Thor Harris, and DJ Fairy Aries. Admission is free and volunteers get “VIP” access. Please share the event and encourage people to attend. Attendees will be able to sign the petition and sign up for volunteer shifts.

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