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Texas Bans Smokable Hemp: Now What?

The Texas Department of State and Health Services officials released rules detailing that the ban on retail sales, processing, and manufacturing of smokable hemp products will go into effect August 2, 2020
So what does the Texas ban on smokable hemp mean for consumers?

There is a range of emotions from all sides of the Texas Hemp and Cannabis industry for what will come out of the Texas smokeable ban. From how it looks on the shelf to the product marketing, everyone has been at the drawing table for what this new rule looks like in practice for Texas. 

While there is hope for Texans to support revisiting the Texas ban on smokeable hemp rule next session, as the Texas Cannabis Community, there is a lot of adjusting to taking place. As a hemp product consumer, you might notice a few things shift at your local hemp or CBD store.

Change in labeling and Packaging

While you might see the loose flower, there may be a reputation around it informing you that it’s “not intended for smoking.” However, you might see suggestions like use for “tea or food additive.” So don’t worry; this means you still can consume it; just the labeling informs you it’s not for smoking. 

Shops May Rearrange the Store

You might notice a change in displays or where you usually expect to see hemp. It may or may not be located next to the pipes or at a store that heavily targets smoking accessories. The reason is that it may or may not be confused for encouraging the plant’s smoking. Because who would do that?

Product Presentation 

If it looks like you can smoke it, you’re probably not going to find it in Texas. You’re going to see brands get creative how they decide to package their hemp or hemp product that isn’t for smoking (but remember, it can or may be used as a tea or a food additive). This will also include hemp smokable vape products. 

Overall Messaging

“Not intended for smoking” while confusing, you’re going to hear it or see it at least once over the next few years. But no worries, as long as it’s safe for tea or as a food additive, it’s okay to put it in your body.

Advocating to remove the Texas ban on Smokable Hemp

Smoking is the fastest way for an individual to receive the benefits of hemp inside their body. People all across Texas use cannabis and hemp as medicine. But with a Texas hemp ban puts barriers between someone and getting the benefits of the hemp quickly into their body. 

Here at the Texas CBD Blog, we are committed to supporting groups and do our best to get the message out about what is going on in hemp Texas politics. People like the Texas Norml are doing an excellent job keeping Texas informed about what is going on in cannabis politics. 

Share Your Voice and Stay Educated 

The good news is that this allows Texans to speak out about the bans and gather advocates to push through this period of the new hemp rules. While we have full confidence that Texans will support revisiting this rule next session, we all still have a lot of work to do.

Please continue to support organizations like @texasnorml that are passionately advocating for Texas Cannabis reform. If you have a favorite brand, follow them. If they care about Texas hemp and cannabis, they will also provide you great information and resources to advocate for Texas Hemp and Cannabis. Texas is 28 Million plus, let’s continue to spread awareness to make Texas Cannabis happen.

There is still a lot to learn and discuss this topic. What about out of state sales? What about e-commerce? That will all be covered shortly in a few future posts. This is to keep you informed about what is going on inside Texas hemp politics. 

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