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2021 How to Get Involved: Texas Cannabis Reform

Texas Normal, Inform Texas, and Texas MJ Policy has put together resources for you to participate in the Texas 87th legislative session. From finding who represents you to crafting your testimony, these groups are getting you what is needed to support Texas Cannabis reform.

Update: Due to the Texas winter storms, both virtual lobby day and the training has been postponed. Future date is TBA. Please stay up to date with Texas Nomrl, Informed Texas, Texas Cannabis Today and those listed below for updates.

Now is the time to contact your state senators and representatives regarding fixing the ban on smokables and voice your support for cannabis reform. But how will you know where to start?

That’s where the Texas Normal, Inform Texas, and Texas MJ Policy come into play. These groups have put together resources for you to participate in the Texas 87th legislative session with a few clicks and minutes of your time. From dates to put on your calendar, crafting your testimony, and who to follow to stay up to date on social media, all that is in here.

First,  there are 5 things you can do now to support Texas Cannabis reform during the 87th Texas Legislature

  1. Attend Texas Marijuana Policy Virtual Lobby Day Monday, February 22, 2021 – Lobby Day Orientation Required
  2. Submit your testimony to be used for the legislative session – Texas Norml is collecting testimonies and can assist you
  3. Review and bookmark Texas Norml’s page on filed legislation – Bills will be filed until March 12, 2021.
  4. Find and contact your lawmakers.
  5. Find who represents you in Texas.

 Texas Norml is always updating information so to check out more click here.

Now that you have the idea – contact your Texas Representatives

TXMjPolicy reports that the vast amount of Texans, regardless of their political affiliation, support marijuana reform. And let’s tell them! Check out these 3 tips for crafting your message from Chelsea Spencer – That Cannabis Lawyer:

  • If you’re a consumer: point out that they are sending your money out of Texas and into other states. Tell them your story.
  • If you’re a manufacturer: show them not only how this fiscally impacts you but where you will have to move to continue manufacturing smokables. 
  • If you’re a retail or eCommerce shop: show them your sales numbers. Show them the impact of forbidding smokables in Texas and what it will do to your shop if our injunction was not in place.
  • Check out this form from Texas Norml. Once you’re ready, fill it out and they will follow up with you.

Find her full post discussing this topic here on Instagram.

Stay in the know with leaders and influencers that keep you fired up

If you’re like us, you like social media delivering information over forgetting about an email in the inbox. 

Hemp and cannabis news is taking advantage of using social media to share its rapid evolution. We cover voices from everywhere, but it’s nice to get up close to the action through a local voice. 

If you’re interested in staying up to date with Texas cannabis culture and news, follow the below Instagram accounts for some of the best content from influencers around the state.

And if your local Texas hemp brand is worth its weight in bud, it too will be sharing information regarding updates.

Texas Cannabis Today is always looking for new people to connect with within cannabis, hemp, and green spaces to highlight their work.

 Stay up to date by following our Instagram page. We are always sharing people and finding new people who are shaking up Texas cannabis.

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