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Wildseed Hemp – Attorney and Cannabis Grower Open Shop

SAN ANTONIO – Located in a new shopping center on Bulverde Road, Texas cannabis brand, Wildseed Hemp, held its grand opening event for its store on Sunday, September 1, 2019. As you step into their store, to the right you see the “L” shaped counter to wrap around the right side of the store that looks designed to provide customers access to products and the aroma of the flower (the “bud”) Wildseed Hemp predominantly showcases. The same right wall also houses shelves of flower for consumers to have ease of viewing. As cannabis in Texas raises in popularity, more people are beginning to feel comfortable shopping for flower. Well, as other brands still use CBD (cannabidiol) oil as their lure, Texas cannabis brand owners Holden and Hunter, bring cannabis flower to the forefront of the shop with Wildseed Hemp. Wild Seed Hemp Bluebonnet hemp

What is Unique

If you’re just learning about Wildseed Hemp, meet Hunter and Holden. Two friends from San Antonio who co-owns the company. The number one factor that is refreshing to learn about the duo is the founding team. Not only is Holden a grower from California, who has years of cannabis cultivation experience, but Hunter Schiro is also an Attorney at Law. Combined, these two hold a solid idea of what makes great cannabis business. And as Hunter is an individual who is well versed in the hemp industry, his skills as an attorney help navigate the landscape that comes along with a cannabis brand in Texas. It’s only been eight days since the duo has opened its brick and mortar, but they are already taking San Antonio to the next level of the cannabis business.

CBD Flower in San Antonio

Within its store, Wildseed Hemp has about 8-10 strains available to choose from along with its selection of CBD tinctures, topicals, concentrates, and pet products to check out. So, you’re definitely not limited to just flower at their 18010 Bulverde Road location. Nevertheless, even if you are simply looking for a CBD tincture, I highly encourage you to smell the flower available and ask questions. If you’re not sure what to ask while shopping for CBD, check out this cool guide HERE from a cool cannabis wellness lady in Texas about what questions to ask when buying CBD products.

Cannabis Talent in Texas

As Texas moves forward and opens up to cannabis culture, more individuals are becoming free to showcase their passion for cannabis alongside their everyday talents. As mentioned, Wildseed Hemp is co-founded by two friends, one a Texas attorney, and the other who has over a decade of experience cultivating hemp. These skills combined would not have been available to Texas five years ago. Due to cultural shifts, the Loan Star State can now benefit from the skills people have cultivated elsewhere and brought them back to where they grew up and want to live out their lives. Through cannabis becoming mainstream, these two not only contribute economically to San Antonio but to the cannabis industry as a whole. Because of laws like the 2018 Farm Bill, and research that is done around the country in legal cannabis states, those who love cannabis, want to be in the cannabis industry, and live in Texas, can do so.
Wild Seed Hemp Bluebonnet hemp san antonio texas
Credit: Grace Delgado, Texas Cannabis Today

Out of Bottles and onto Shelves

Looking around in most cannabis shops, there is a trend to not predominately show flower. However, by taking cannabis out of bottles, edibles, and creams and displaying flower in its raw form, it sets an example to consumers that it is okay to have it available in stores and is nothing to be ashamed of to consume it. CBD is legal and companies who want to continue their positive reputation and grow with the booming industry will comply with the rules around cannabis in its state. Nevertheless, the fear of being caught with CBD flower that looks like THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) flower and then suffering legal consequences is valid. At the point of purchase, Wildseed Hemp does provide the COA (Certificate of Analysis) to the customer to take home and clearly displays the breakdown of THC and CBD within the product. Either way, due to the lack of ability of law enforcement to discern the amount of THC found in flower, I encourage you to use your best judgment with CBD flower on your person. All in all, many Texans who are in the cannabis industry are coming out unabashedly with their passion for the plant. Anyone who is proud to display their talent is opening up avenues and setting the standard, while Texas ushers in the normality of the product to the general population. Movement is occurring and 2020 will only bring more excitement as the industry matures in Texas. As always, check out the above links and follow these wonderful people on social media! For updates and additional cool CBD lifestyle information. Texas Cannabis Today amplifies cannabis education and voices in Texas. For more cannabis, hemp, and CBD lifestyle news, follow Texas Cannabis Today on InstagramFacebookTwitter, and subscribe HERE for our cannabis newsletter.
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